CINEMEDIA Text & Audiovisual Journal is an open access peer-reviewed journal that publishes research in the field of film studies and media in accordance with scientific rules. It is published as 2 issue per year.

CINEMEDIA Text & Audiovisual Journal is the first journal in Turkey to include text-based classical articles in the field of cinema and media as well as national and international video articles. CINEMEDIA Text & Audiovisual Journal is a structure that prioritizes new approaches in the field of cinema, media and cultural studies, and aims to think and transfer the scientific research outputs of cinema as an art with its own material. With this core mission; without deviating from scientific standards, it aims to contribute to the ontological development and intellectual ground of academic articles and to be a useful resource in order to fill the 'authorship' part of the concept of visual literacy as well as 'readership'.

Editor Prof. Dr. Hülya Önal
Foundation Year 2023
ISSN 3023-5960
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Owner Prof. Dr. Hülya Önal

Prof. Dr. Hülya Önal

E-mail: cinemediajournal@gmail.com

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